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Types of CoverageSacramento, CA. Winery/Vineyard Insurance

 Liquor Law Liability (Dram Shop):

If your operation manufactures, processes, directly distributes, sells, serves or furnishes liquor/wine to the public through your operations, this endorsement provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage for the above exposure.

Product Liability: 

If your completed product(s) cause bodily injury or property damage after relinquishing possession of those products, the liability arising out of such injury or damage would be covered worldwide if suit was bought in the United States.

Festival Liability: 

 Most winery policies charge additional premium for on or offsite festivals and special events. The WineAmerica program automatically includes this in the base premium.

Vineyard Chemical Drift Liability: 

Most wineries have exposures from the use of chemicals to maintain their vineyards. If in the process of, discharge, dispersal, release or escape into the air (but not by aircraft) coverage will be provided for damage to others property, up to a $100,000 limit. 

Property Coverage

This covers your scheduled buildings, tanks and cooperage, against direct risk of loss on a "Special Causes of Loss" form, sometimes referred to as "all-risk". Replacement cost/agreed amount valuation applies and newly acquired property is covered to a $1,000,000 up to 180 days. Earthquake and flood are excluded on this form but can be added.

Business Personal Property: 

This covers your business personal property, such as winery equipment and your inventory, bulk and bottled, against direct risk of loss on a "Special Causes of Loss" (all-risk) form. Earthquake and flood are excluded on this form but can be added. Coverage includes replacement cost/agreed amount valuation.

Wine Leakage: 
Offers coverage for sudden and accidental discharge of wine whether from wooden cooperage or stainless steel tanks that have malfunctioned.

Trellises and Vines:
Limited coverage for outdoor vines and trellises.

Library Inventory:
Wines held back in inventory can be valued at a stated amount. The value for library inventory will be set by three wine industry specialist that will verify the stated amount.

Mobile Agriculture Equipment:
Your mobile agricultural equipment is covered against direct risk of loss on a special floater form extending coverage beyond your main premise.

Wine Market Valuation:
This endorsement allows grapes/juice to be valued at "selling" price less any production cost not yet incurred, allowing for a major reduction in your business interruption expense.

Off Premises Power:
Should a non-direct cause of loss to your power source off premise occur, coverage would be provided as if the loss was a direct covered loss on your premise.

Your property is covered while in transit in vehicles owned or operated by you and while in vehicles not owned or operated by you. The property is covered against direct risk of loss on a special "transit" floater form. It includes grapes prior to crush as well as finished product.

 Outdoor signs attached to buildings and those within 1000 feet are covered in the case of a covered loss.

Damage to Stock:
If your stock is physically lost or damaged, by a covered cause of loss, especially from changes in the weather, causing part or all of your stock that is undamaged to be unmarketable as a completed product, $25,000 of coverage will respond. 

Optional: Mechanical Breakdown: (Boiler & Machinery) 
is available to cover such things as refrigeration malfunction - whether it be a jacketed tank or a temperature control of an entire building. Breakdown of other winery equipment such as crushers, presses, centrifuges, etc. can also be added. Consequential loss can be included in the machinery coverages and limits increased over the $25,000 mentioned above.

Additional Coverage Included:

- Newly acquired personal property is covered up to $500,000 up to 90 days.
- Electronic Data Processing Equipment
- Fine Arts
- Property at any other location
- Property in Care, Custody or Control of salesperson
- Personal Effects and Property of others
- Newly acquired property is covered up to $1,000,000 up to 180 days.